Sunday, July 23, 2006

My first Darth D. mommy drive-by (Updated)

I took David with me to the supermarket yesterday. While waiting in line, an old (bitch) lady next to me looked down at David, and said very loudly,

"Your mother must be starving you!"

My husband offered that maybe she was trying to be sarcastic, to sound funny, and it came out wrong. Because David is over the 95th percentile for his age in size and weight. There is a reason why we call him Little Piggy.

But still, WHAT THE HELL?

New website to tell you about: A "nursing room locator," for moms who want to know safe and private places to breastfeed their babies. Thanks for the link, Nursing Mom!

Please go give some support to Henry's mom. She has to start pumping again after a two month 'break' because her son needs a CAT scan.


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